Kaylee Ris

Mirialan - Rebel - Spy


A female Mirialan operative for the New Republic

E-3PX considered her a “raging bitch,” refusing to treat her with respect or acknowledge her skills prior to the removal of his hidden restraining bolt. His opinion may have changed.


Kaylee is a mysterious figure who was met in the shadows of Fondor. She is close to the smuggler baron Voxun Presh, but has made it clear that she doesn’t trust him. It seems she is acting as a mole inside the Viper Syndicate, and it is clear that she is well informed on the crew of mercenaries who crash landed on Fondor.
She has petitioned the Crew of the WF-130 to help her get off planet.

After a tense trip to Yavin IV, it was revealed to the crew that Kaylee was actually a member of the Rebel Alliance (as Aut Yoer had guessed).

Kaylee Ris

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