Buford is a larger than average Gank with an assortment of Cybernetic enhancements.


Buford, sometimes referred to as BU4D, was once a member of the The Running Riots. He and Corran grew up together, even joining the Running Riots at the same time. Corran told him stories of true Gank Killers; mercenaries decked out in cybernetics, never bowing to anyone.When Corran was excommunicated from the gang, Buford didn’t stay long, considering Corran to be one of the few bright spots in the darkness that comprised Nar Shadda’s underworld.

When Corran encountered Buford next, it was within the Umbra Club on Ord Mantell. Buford had taken Corran’s words to heart, and had modified himself beyond recognition. Becoming the epitome of a cybernetic freak, he was truly more machine than man.

Corran saw the state of his friend, and became obsessed with ‘helping’ him. After scavenging a cloning facility of tech, The Crew was able to move Buford to a new body, his previous version dying in the process.


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