Aut Yoer

Kel Dor - Smuggler - Gunslinger


Career: Smuggler
Specializations: Gunslinger
Obligation: Score to Settle, Favor
Homeworld: Ord Mantel
Connections: Various Hutt Clans, Pyke Syndicate
Nemeses: Xiton Zora, Black Sun Crime Syndicate


Aut Yoer grew up on the streets of Ord Mantell. The son of a Black Sun operative, Yoer was orphaned at a young age when his father was betrayed and killed by his employers. Yoer swore vengeance upon his father’s killers and took up gunslinging to subsidize his one Kel Dor crusade. He has worked for various Hutt Clans and is currently a free agent.

Yoer suspects Xiton Zora is responsible for his father’s demise

Aut Yoer

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