Corran Sair

Gank - Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer


Career: Bounty Hunter
Specializations: Gadgeteer
Obligation: Obsession
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Nemeses: DEC-1BL

Notable Features:
Corran’s face is horribly scarred. The fur has been completely burnt off, the normally yellow skin beneath now raw and colored an unbecoming brown. Parts of his old helmet have melted their way through his skin, fusing themselves to the bone beneath his right cheek and parts of his forehead. His already piggish nose looks worn near to the bone, and his lips are little more than dried wisps of skin stretched over a permanent snarl.


Born in the Undercity of Nar Shaddaa, Corran spent the majority of his childhood learning the tech trade while growing up in a Gank-ran commune. He would peddle his handmade wares in a community run boutique closer to the planets surface, then scurry back home to deposit the income into his ‘modification’ savings. He was in awe of the Gank-Killers that called the Undercity their turf. They could do impossible things! He had seen one rip an Evocii in half! Corran saw becoming a Gank-Killer as his best future, a way to achieve status. The local cutter was talented, but pricey, so it wasn’t until the age of 15 that the boy was able to afford his first mod. Though it was little more than a cochlear implant, the taste of cybernetics had been finely whet on Corran’s palette and he began to yearn for another enhancement.

Further upgrades would cost a considerable amount of credits, and that drive for money led Corran to sign up with a small group of mercs led by the DEC-1BL. ‘Decible’ was a Gank, also from Nar Shaddaa, who understood that a life on the slumming planet was nothing to be excited for. His crew, The Running Riots, were known for being brutally effective and talented. They had few morals except for a staunch loyalty to one another; each member understood that they stood a better chance of achieving the good life united than they did apart. Each member believed this, and no matter how harshly they treated the outside world they made sure to treat each other with respect. Betrayal would not be tolerated.

Corran decided to ignored these rules.

After parting ways with the Running Riots, Corran went on to find work off world. When a job went awry, and his new Crew found themselves stranded on Fondor, the crew fell victim to a rigged Sabacc game run by Carn Truuvik. When the scene moved to a firefight, Corran left broken and bloodied, his prized Repulsor Fist destroyed and his helmet grafted to his face.

During a mission to Turaccus, a Duros doctor named Cel Mazzi ripped out Corran’s eyes, and replaced them with cybernetics.

Corran Sair

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