Edge of the Empire

Cloning Catastrophe
An Abandoned Facility Holding Untold Secrets
Bright Jewel Hustle
Dark Dealings on Ord Mantell


Mercenaries for the New Republic
A new Rebel Alliance

Completing their work and feeling the need to settle a long overdue debt, the Crew of the WF-130 agreed to take the ever mysterious Kaylee Ris to a set of pre-programmed coordinates. On the way they had the misfortune of encountering an Interdictor Class Star Destroyer on patrol. Being incredibly wanted, the Wayfairer beat a hasty retreat away from the sizable force and arrived at the location of Kaylee’s choosing: Yavin IV.

Kaylee, much to everyone’s immense surprise, was an Officer within the Rebel Alliance, now formally known as the New Republic. The party received a warm welcome upon landing on the ancient moon, though the niceties did little to ease some of the groups trepidation. They took a few days respite on one of the surfaces many temples, meeting General Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn, and the adorable and affable Click.

As the technicians on base repaired the Wayfairer, the group was offered a job: investigate Turaccus and determine why the Black Sun had been so active on the planet.

What they discovered was troubling: deep within the forest of Turaccus laid a heavily guarded medical facility. Doctor Cel Mazzi, under the bankroll of a Devaronian overseer, had been conducting unlicensed upgrades on any who came a-knocking. These ‘volunteers’ were usually dolled out to the highest bidder, and recently the chop-shop had been doing work for The Black Sun. The Crew fought their way in, blowing the Doctor’s lab and making a harrowing escape!

But not before gathering some interesting data…

A Deal with Sullac
Arrangements on Tatooine, Revenge on Fondor

After escaping Fondor, the Crew of the WF-130 fled to Tatooine, where they met Sullac the Hutt at the palace of the late crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. Sullac contracted the players to infiltrate Voxun Presh’s stronghold on Fondor & bring back his head.

Returning to Fondor, the crew found the Imperial Blockade had left, the planet had been blasted from orbit, and much of Fondor destroyed. Presh, however, was still taking up residence in the abandoned warehouse district. Using WAC-140 & T7-5M0 “Smokey” to infiltrate the base and set off EMP grenades against Presh’s droid guards, the Crew infiltrated the base, set fire to it, and gave chase against Presh. Cornering him in his underground bolt holes, Ryder Thune put several rounds into Presh’s skull.

Now the Crew had to settle a growing debt…

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The Iron Blockade
Trouble at the Skyhook

Hired to steal a small weapons shipment from a Czerka Transport, Smuggler Aut Yoer, Scout Droid E-3PX, Hunter Vissica, and Gadgeteer Corran Sair board the Skyhook above Fondor. When an Imperial Star Destroyer jumps into the system and attempt to take the skyhook, the group is caught between a platoon of STormtroopers and open space.

Making a run for it, the group steals a Wayfarer Medium Transport labeled CZ 130, and evades TIE Fighters only long enough to make a hard landing in the Warehouse District of Fondor City.

Low on resources, and with a malfunctioning ship, the Crew attempted to figure out what to do next…


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